Raúl Orlando Pérez
C. C. 40
(8400) San Carlos de Bariloche
Rio Negro
Phone: ++54 2944 44-1423
e-mail: luthierraulperez@bariloche.com.ar

Guitar Family

Classic guitar, tenor and small sizes for ladies and children
Mexican vihuela
 6 or 12 steel string guitar
Electric guitar
Acoustic - electric guitar
Special models on request

 Steel string guitar
Year 1987
Year 1989
Guitar based on Gibson L-O 1920
Year 1999

Classisc Guitar of Rio Palisander
Year 1988
Classic Guitar made of argentine woods
Year 1999

Some constructions details
Year 1998
Year 1998

Year 1998

Year 1998

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Classic lutes (Middle Ages, Renaissance- and Baroque), based on several originals, many sizes, please ask.
Exotic and traditonal woods.
A view of my workshop. 
Year 1977
Lute (based on Arnault de Zwolle, 
XVth Century)
Year 1993
Lute based on Laux Maler, 
XVI th Century.
Year 1990


Renaissance lute 
(after Laux Maler,  XVI.th Century)
Year 2000
Its rosette.
The pegbox.

Baroque lute 
(after Pietro Railich,  XVIIth Century)
Year 1991
Some details of construction 

Its rosette.

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Ethnic Instruments

Celtic and romanic harps, Balalaika, Bandurria, Banjo, Greek and irish Bouzouki, Charangos, Dilruba, Mountain Dulcimer,
Kemantcha, Mandolins of several types, Raffele, Sarod, Saz Tar, Üd.
Three steps in the making of a celtic harp.

Year 2000
Dilruba or Mayuri
Year 1994

Appalachian Dulcimer

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Other  Instruments.

Early and contemporary Bowed instruments:
Sizes 4/4 and fractionals: violin, viola, cello, double bass.
Quinton, Hardingfele, violas da gamba, cittern, Romantic, Baroque and Renaissance - guitars, Orpharion, Hurdy - Gurdy, Fiddles, Arpeggione, Stoessel lutes.
Violin 4/4
Year 1989

Violin 4/4
Year 1997

Year 1994

Renaissance Viola da Gamba consort and lute 
Year 1980

Hurdy - Gurdies,  XVIth  and XVIIth Centuries
Years 1983 and 1994

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Victor C. Rocchi
San Carlos de Bariloche
Rio Negro
Patagonia Argentina
August 2002